What is Naturopathy?

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The art of Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness and vitality based on the foundation that the human body has an inherent ability to heal itself given the right circumstances. Each and everyone of us has the capacity to be well when we are given the education and empowerment to know or own bodies. Rather than treat "symptoms", naturopaths instead work out the root cause of why symptoms may be occurring and provide treatment plans which will address these causes. These can be patho-physiological causes, and/or emotional imbalances. This in turn brings the body back into optimal health, and will in turn eradicate symptoms. There is a strong emphasis on naturopath's being "facilitators of health". Ultimately we want to educate and empower our clients to make their own choices, take ownership and responsibility of their health, and trust themselves when it comes to making informed choices regarding their well-being.

There is often a preconception that all Naturopath's follow the exact same way of treatment. This is far from the truth. Whilst we all have the same core belief's surrounding the innate ability of the body to heal, we each encompass a wide variety of treatment methods to help our clients. Not all naturopath's use homeopathy, just as not all  naturopath's use iridology. Often a naturopath will specialise in an area that interests them - such as digestive issues, kids health, or women's health.

Almost all naturopath's will utilise dietary and nutritional advice, offer lifestyle advice to address life stressors which may be impacting your health, and use traditional herbal medicine in the form of tinctures, herbal teas, poultices, creams, and dried herb capsules. In saying this however, some will choose to primarily treat with food, some prefer nutritional supplementation, and some prefer to work with herbs primarily.

Shan at Luonto uses a combination of nutritional & diet advice, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle advice, and herbal medicine whilst also working to address underlying emotional imbalances.

As naturopathy is a complementary form of medicine it is encouraged to be used alongside conventional Western medicine when applicable, rather than to be seen as an 'alternative' . Allopathic medicine and science has a major role to play in modern health and is invaluable in its contribution to disease research, symptom management, surgery, and complicated health cases. We strongly believe in the complementary nature of both ways of health-care, and believe they each have their own unique benefits to support individuals in achieving optimal health. In today's world we are lucky to have the choice. It is important to keep in mind that naturopath's do have a certain scope of practice, and will never advise clients to disregard the advice their doctor, specialist or GP advises.

One of the most important aspects of Naturopathy is that the entire person is evaluated in consultations. This means naturopathic practitioners will often ask questions about your relationships, your work, your social network, your family, and your mental health. They may also want to discuss previous emotional traumas that have occurred in your life.  It is strongly accepted that our emotional well-being has an enormous impact on our physical health and almost every patient who sees a Naturopath will have emotions they need to work through as they work through their physical health.

Naturopathy can assist with:

Digestive health - food intolerance's, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, illness after travelling, ulcerative colitis, chrohn's disease, diverticulitis, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, reflux, parasitic infections

Women's health - menopause, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, PMS, uterine fibroids, breast cysts, thrush, post-oral contraceptive pill bleeding, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility or sub-fertility, pre-conception care, IVF/ICSI/IUI support, post-natal care

Mental & Adrenal health - depression, anxiety, PTSD, adrenal exhaustion, fatigue, sleeping difficulties, insomnia

Dermatological health - eczema, psoriasis, acne, hives, rosacea, cold sores, warts, cutaneous candidiasis, rashes, fungal infections

Cardiovascular health - high cholesterol, high blood pressure, venous insufficiency, poor circulation, metabolic syndrome

Kid's health - digestive issues, allergies, food intolerance's, eczema, breast-feeding nutrition

Immune health - asthma, allergies, ear/nose/throat infections, recurring infections, autoimmune conditions, gout

Detox and liver/lymphatic support

As well as general support and information in regards to overall health, nutrition education, weight loss,  male infertility, children's nutrition, pain management, and more