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Shan Howell is a Naturopath and Western Herbalist located in Rivervale, Western Australia providing naturopathy and western herbal medicine consultations. Many years ago she experienced first hand the healing experience of working with a naturopath after suffering digestive, hormonal and skin issues, and ever since she has been a passionate advocate of “healing within” and taking charge of your own health. Using her naturopathic training Shan is able to look at the entire person in a holistic light and takes into account lifestyle and stress factors as well as emotional well-being and nutritional deficiencies when assisting clients in overcoming health issues.

Her treatment plans include a combination of herbal medicine and nutritional medicine, as well as nutritional advice, stress management techniques and encouraging clients to look at their lives with greater insight and clarity. She is particularly interested in ancestral lineage work with her patients and strongly believes in getting to the root of emotional imbalances which may be affecting physical health.

She is a passionate believer in being a “healing facilitator” for her patients. She aims to guide and educate her patients in healing themselves.

Shan graduated through the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine (now called AIHFE) as a Naturopath and Western Herbal Medicine practitioner. She also received the DUX Award for Naturopathy and DUX Award for Western Herbal Medicine, along with the AIHM Award for Academic Excellence.

Shan is happily married with a beautiful young son, and lives locally in Rivervale. She has a strong passion for reading and enjoys researching varied topics in her free time. You will often find her reading 4-5 books on the go, and she loves to find new research papers and articles online.