Shan at Luonto offers naturopathy & herbal medicine consultations, as well as nutrition, lifestyle and emotional balancing advice.

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An Initial Naturopathy Consultation will generally last between 60 – 75 minutes. It involves a comprehensive case-taking and health analysis which includes taking your medical and health history and completing a full dietary, mood, lifestyle, physical and environmental assessment.

Depending on the case, some supplements and/or herbs may be prescribed in your first appointment. If any functional testing is recommended (stool, urine, saliva, blood spot, hair tissue) you will be given a referral form and/or kit, or you may be able to have some of these tests done via your GP. All of this information will then be  analysed to create a specific treatment plan fully customized to your unique health situation!

A Follow Up Consultation will then be booked in 1-2 weeks to track your progress and discuss your health. Follow Up Consults can then be tailored to your unique health and financial situation.

Initial Naturopathy Consult (60 - 75 min)  |  $120  | 

Couple’s Pre-Conception Consult  |  $185  |

Shan at Luonto prefers to see both partners for fertility or pre-conception consultations. This is due to the increased need for males health to be addressed as well as the females. Making a baby is comprised of 50% the male and 50% the female, and Andrology Australia states that “for about one in five infertile couples the problem lies solely in the male partner. It is estimated that one in 20 men has some kind of fertility problem with low numbers of sperm in his ejaculate” ( It is often been the case that the woman bears the responsibility of becoming “healthy” and obtains treatment for fertility issues, however it is becoming increasingly apparent that treating solely the female in fertility cases is bordering on negligent health care. If the male is not addressed with the same investigations issues can arise further on down the track, such as the couple finding out the male has sub-optimal sperm. Ladies – this is not solely your journey! Commitment from both partners is essential.

Follow Up Consultation (30 - 40 min)   |  $70  |

Script Fill, Express Consult (15 min)   |  $40  |   Available for those who need to purchase more herbal or nutritional products in their treatment plan. Express follow up includes general check-in to ensure the treatment plan is still applicable. Can also be booked same day when acute herbal treatments are required such as for colds, flu, cold-sores, sore throats

- Consultations for children will incur a 30% discount -

Functional Testing - $poa

Additional testing through NutriPath pathology and InterClinical Labs may be warranted (bloods, stool, saliva, blood spot). This will be discussed in your consultation. Prices can vary and these are out-of-pocket expenses to be paid by the client. These prices can range from $50 - $260. Rebates are not available through Medicare or private health funds

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis  |  CDSA Stool Testing  |  Hormonal Profiles  |  Adrenal Profiles

Herbal Tinctures, Herbal Loose Leaf Teas, Nutritional Supplements - $poa

As part of your treatment plan some herbal or nutritional supplements may be prescribed. These are an additional cost to your consult fee and prices will vary. These will be discussed with you thoroughly, and can include herbal teas you prepare at home, liquid herbal tinctures, capsule/powder nutritional supplements, drop dose flower essences, and more

Custom-made Herbal Tea  |  Custom-made Liquid Herbal Formulas  |  Supplements